Ditch the Grid with Quietrevolution’s 10000kWh Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Want to ditch your reliance on the electricity grid? Perhaps you still want to be attached to the grid and have the utilities pay you for your clean, green excess wind power. The guys at Quietrevolution have a neat looking vertical axis wind turbine that they clain can produce up to 10,000 kWh of wind power right in your own backyard.

Beneath the skin is what Quietrevolution calls the world’s most efficient turbine for capturing air currents near buildings and other structures, with carbon-fiber blades shaped to grab gusty city winds without making much noise.  But make sure your credit card is ready for a beating because at $48,000 the QR5 costs twice as much as a traditional horizontal axis wind turbines unit that generates the same output.

For more information on the QR5 head on over to Quietrevolution to see images, plans and even video of the turbine that they are calling ‘elegant wind power’.

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