Wind Turbine Plans Tested & Reviewed

Right off the top of the bat i have got to tell you how much fun it was building these wind turbines.  I have undertaken a lot of do it yourself projects over the years however none of them have been as enjoyable or as rewarding as what these plans were.  The best part or all is that now they are finished i am producing clean green free electricity from mother nature and my power bills are around 80% lower then before i installed the wind turbine.

How I Completed the Review of the Wind Turbines

1) Ease of use – I wanted to make sure that the plans were ranked by their most important factor and that is how easy they were to follow.

2) Product Quality – This includes the final build quality of the wind turbine, the power the wind turbine produces and also the durability.

3) Support – If you are going to buy something you want to have after sales support right?

The following plans are reviewed in order starting with the best product avaialable.

earth4energy Ease of Use: 5stars
Build Quality:
Support: 5stars

The Earth4Energy renewable energy package was by far the best that i have ever come across.  Not only do you get comprehensive wind turbine plans, you also get guides on how to build and implement solar panels and other renewable energy solutions.

The Earth4Energy kit comes with amazing images and indepth information and they also offer some of the best video instructions that i have ever seeen.  The Support was first class and the final build was almost factory like.

My personal opinion is that this guide is the best value for money wind turbine plan on the market today – i have seen a lot of wind turbine plans and this is by far is the best wind turbine plan.

Visit Earth4Energy here

box-shape Ease of Use: 3stars
Build Quality:

Support: 3stars

Home Made energy have produced a very polished product with this wind turbine plan.  This plan has been featured in popular science and popular mechanics and you can be assured that if these guys are featuring a package it had better live up to it’s expectations – and it does!

The Home Made Energy guide takes you through building your own wind turbine with easy to follow plans and is backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.  The plans also cover do it your seld solar panels and show you how you can combine the two technologies to acheive total off grid living.

The build quality of this wind turbine while not as strong as the Earth4Energy kit was a strong contender.

Check out the plans available at Home Made Energy

energy2green Ease of Use: 2stars
Build Quality:

Support: 3stars

Energy2Green have come up with an good product however it was not as easy to follow as the other plans as it didn’t have any video.  The guide includes both wind turbine plans and solar panel plans which makes for some good reasearch inparticular the energy saving tips section which features some really cool ideas.

Overall the build quality of the turbine was good but it was not the best.

If you want to find out more on Energy2Green’s Wind turbine plans click here.

There you have it! Our tried and tested wind turbine review.  We have done all of the hard work for you in testing the products, now it is up to you to take action!

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