Where Should I Install my Home Wind Turbine?

One of the most important factors in installing a successful home wind turbine system is where and how you install the wind turbine.  Sure you can go out and buy the top of the line vertical wind turbine or you can build your own vertical wind turbine like we have done but this will mean nothing if you choose the wrong location to install your home wind turbine.

A report completed by the Energy Saving Trust (EST) in the UK has highlighted the best and the worst areas that you can install your wind turbine.  The report took into consideration 57 different locations across the country over a two year period and came to a conclusion that the best location could produce in excess of $4000 USD worth of green electricity each year as opposed to the worst locations which were actually losing money.

The study found that there were a range of factors that had an impact on the overall performance of a wind turbine which included:

  • Urban density of the area
  • The way the wind turbine was mounted
  • Average wind speed

EST head of business development and report author Simon Green told BBC News: “The fundamental conclusion is location, location, location. It is critically important that wind turbines are located in an area with sufficient wind resources. We believe that a minimum average wind speed needs to be at least five metres per second, which is 11mph.”

Worst Location for a Home Wind Turbine

To say one location is the best there must be a worst location for a home wind turbine. This unwanted award went to a wind turbine that was mounted on the roof of a house in a low wind area.  To make matters worse the turbine was position barely above the roof line of the house which lends itself to almost no wind.  Green also stated that “The study’s findings show that a lot of the turbines had been installed in areas that did not achieve the minimum average wind speed,”.

Best Location for a Home Wind Turbine

The report from the EST stated that the best performing wind turbine during the study was a pole-mounted home wind turbine which had an average wind speed of 5.75 meters per second.  This location would allow the home wind turbine to generate 22,000kWh of clean electricity per year.  The report went on to say “This location is in essence an offshore wind turbine mounted on land and represents an almost perfect site. There are no obstructions around the turbine, and it is mounted in very clean air.”

The findings of this report don’t come as a shock to us at residential wind power as we have seen the result of correctly installed wind turbines over the years.  The result also would not surprise many of you who have built your own wind turbine in our favourite do it yourself wind turbine kit as it shows you the correct way to install a wind turbine to get the best results.

Now you know where you should position your wind turbine have a look at our review of the best wind turbine plans to get a home wind turbine installed in your yard.

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