Why I Haven’t Paid For Electricity Since 2007

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my life is knowing that when I go to turn on my computer or watch some television it doesn’t cost me a dime! I have not paid an electricity bill since 2007, that is not because I am on the run and refuse to pay my utility bills but more to the fact that I run my home on clean renewable energy from the wind.

In early 2007 I opened one of my energy bills and could not believe my eyes at how much I was paying each month to power my home, it was just ridiculous.  I searched around for some answers on the internet and what I found has not only saved me thousands of dollars in energy bills but it has also changed my life.

I stumbled across a website that was put together by a guy who had been in the same situation as me and was fed up with paying through the nose for electricity and did something about it.  This guy collated a heap of information about renewable energy such as home wind turbines and solar power systems for residential installations.  He sorted through the best information that was available on how to build a wind turbine and came up with his own design through testing materials, shapes and sizes and finally settled on a design that is just amazing.

The wind turbine design was so good that he put the plans into production and began selling them to other home owners who wanted to produce their own renewable energy.  Luckily this is where I came in and found the wind turbine plans that this guy put together.  I was a bit sceptical at first because I didn’t want to pay for something that was a heap of junk but I thought to myself, what have I got to lose?  That moment changed my life.

I got the plans and worked through the build of a vertical wind turbine and to my surprise the end result was actually pretty good.  I am by no means a handy man when it comes to do it yourself projects so I was really happy when I followed the detailed plans and the wind turbine came to life looking just as it did in the pictures of the guide! Not only was I stoked with my handy work but my wife thought it was pretty sweet too.

The real moment of truth was when we put the turbine up for the first time to see how it would go.  I got an electrician to wire the final connection to the electricity grid of the house which took him about an hour.  When the electrician was finished wiring in my homemade wind turbine he stood with my wife and I as we watched the turbine start to kick over and really start to move in the breeze.  We watched the power meter start off low and it just kept on building and building until it hit that magic mark of 1KwH.  I swear that I could almost see my energy meter on the house go backwards as the wind turbine that I build with my bare hands took over and powered the entire house.

I knew right then that I had to spread the word on home wind turbines and more specifically about the wind turbine plan.  The same website that I bought the plan from is still up and running today and you can find the wind turbine plans here.  Since 2007 I have really embraced renewable energy and even started a web site of my own to spread the word on residential wind power.  Do yourself a favour and get your home running on wind power.  I did it and it changed my life.

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