Powerhouse Wind’s Unique Single Blade Wind Turbine

You may recall Residential Wind Power running an article on a unique wind turbine last year.  The Single Blade wind turbine has evolved even further and has taken the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine to a new level.  The guys have launched a new web site and have provided Residential Wind Power with some fresh snaps […]

Generate Home Wind Power in Style with the Democratic Ecology Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Who says you can’t have renewable energy with residential wind power and also have style at the same time?  Perhaps the designer of this unique vertical axis wind turbine was taking note of Dan Parker’s brilliant Spiral Wind Turbine! Engadget and Inhabitat are both running articles this morning of a unique vertical axis wind turbine […]

Revolutionary Wind Power Design Gains Government Cash Injection

A wind turbine shaped like a jet engine that its designers hope will provide more electricity at a lower cost than conventional windmills has earned FloDesign Inc. a $500,000 loan from the state to develop a prototype. The Massachusetts state governement has made a great investment in the future by injecting $500,000.00 into FloDesign’s jet-like […]

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