Small Roof Mounted Wind Turbines Set to Power Rural India: Tata

Tata, one of the largest business groups in India is planning to launch innovative clean energy technologies in rural areas as it plans to grab the opportunity of India’ rapidly expanding power sector. The Tata Power Company, a subsidiary of the Tata group, plans to test a 2 kW wind turbine which would generate enough […]

The Advantages of Residential Wind Power & Wind Turbines – What are YOU Missing Out on?

Residential Wind Power is an excellent means of generating electricity. Currently solar power and wind power are becoming extremely popular all over the world due to the costs of installation being so low and how effective home made energy is. Residential Wind Power is capable of providing results that will have your full satisfaction and […]

5 Simple Facts You Should Know Before You Start to Build Your Own Wind Turbine for Home

If you already have studied and gained enough knowledge on how to build a wind turbine and ready to move your gear to build your own wind turbine, then you should read this article before you start anything yet. It is for your own good and you should treat it as a pre-caution, so that […]

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