How to Evaluate Your Home to Maximize Residential Wind Turbine Energy Production

The most important aspect to consider when deciding if a residential wind power system is right for a property is the wind speed and velocity that comes through the area. This information will determine the size, location, and height of your wind turbine, and the amount of potential energy your residential wind turbine. To determine […]

Save Money on Electricity by Building Your Own Wind Turbine

Who doesn’t want to save money and more importantly who doesn’t want to save money on electricity?  Let’s face it – we have become reliant upon electricity to the point that we need it to work, live and play.  Can you think of your life without electricity?  How would it change?  Most people would find […]

Wind Turbine Plans Tested & Reviewed

Right off the top of the bat i have got to tell you how much fun it was building these wind turbines.  I have undertaken a lot of do it yourself projects over the years however none of them have been as enjoyable or as rewarding as what these plans were.  The best part or […]

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