Hybrid Wind Turbines Can Now Generate Residential Wind Power Even When the Wind is not Blowing!

One of the great aspects of technology is the ability to make vast improvements in design and efficiency on items that have been around for many years. ┬áIn recent years the improvements in design and efficiency for residential wind turbines has been vast, bringing with it hopes and dreams for future generations. A Colorado company […]

Small Roof Mounted Wind Turbines Set to Power Rural India: Tata

Tata, one of the largest business groups in India is planning to launch innovative clean energy technologies in rural areas as it plans to grab the opportunity of India’ rapidly expanding power sector. The Tata Power Company, a subsidiary of the Tata group, plans to test a 2 kW wind turbine which would generate enough […]

How to Evaluate Your Home to Maximize Residential Wind Turbine Energy Production

The most important aspect to consider when deciding if a residential wind power system is right for a property is the wind speed and velocity that comes through the area. This information will determine the size, location, and height of your wind turbine, and the amount of potential energy your residential wind turbine. To determine […]

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