Hybrid Wind Turbines Can Now Generate Residential Wind Power Even When the Wind is not Blowing!

One of the great aspects of technology is the ability to make vast improvements in design and efficiency on items that have been around for many years. ┬áIn recent years the improvements in design and efficiency for residential wind turbines has been vast, bringing with it hopes and dreams for future generations. A Colorado company […]

The Advantages of Residential Wind Power & Wind Turbines – What are YOU Missing Out on?

Residential Wind Power is an excellent means of generating electricity. Currently solar power and wind power are becoming extremely popular all over the world due to the costs of installation being so low and how effective home made energy is. Residential Wind Power is capable of providing results that will have your full satisfaction and […]

Residential Wind Power – Will I Still Need My Electricity Company after Installing a Home Wind Turbine

When wind speeds are over 10 mph, a residential wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power a home. However, wind speeds are intermittent, so there will be times when the system is generating electricity and times when it’s not. For this reason, most residential wind systems are connected to the grid, and electricity from […]

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