Home Wind Turbines That Are Super Cheap and Really Easy to Build

Recently there has been a wealth of information flooding the web in regards to the benefits of wind energy and solar power and how we should all be looking at ways to cut our own energy bills and look for green energy alternatives at home. It would appear that a lot of us every day […]

How to Build a Wind Turbine for $100

One of the questions that i get asked most at Residential Wind Power is how to build a wind turbine. If you are handy with the tools and like a weekend project they certainly don’t come much more rewarding or cost effective as to build your own wind turbine. Why would you want to build […]

A New Spin on Residential Wind Turbines

It takes a creative person to think of an idea like this! I have just come across this unique design for a wind turbine on YouTube. I am not sure if it would be categorized as a Horizontal-axis wind turbine or a Vertical-axis wind turbine – perhaps you can tell me. Take a look for […]

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