DIY Residential Wind Turbines for the Home – What you need to know!

Generating renewable energy through wind power is possible for homes and residences with a single wind turbine. Turbine systems, including the poles, installations, and batteries, can cost up to $20,000. For a low cost option, try building one yourself. Accessing the free power of the wind for generating electricity is possible in many areas. The […]

3 Factors that Affect the Efficiency of Residential Wind Power

The upfront costs of installing a wind power system on your property can be high. It’s important, in order to recoup your costs in an acceptable time frame, to maximize the amount of power your system can generate. Wind velocity is the number one factor in determining the amount of energy your system can create. […]

California Leading the Way in Residential Wind Power

The State of California leads the method in renewable energy initiatives and offers generous rebates of 50% for choose wind power systems. The wind power systems described in this article are connected to the utility company, or grid tied, and don’t incorporate storage batteries. In California excess power generated by a wind power system will […]

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