DIY Residential Wind Turbines for the Home – What you need to know!

Generating renewable energy through wind power is possible for homes and residences with a single wind turbine. Turbine systems, including the poles, installations, and batteries, can cost up to $20,000. For a low cost option, try building one yourself. Accessing the free power of the wind for generating electricity is possible in many areas. The […]

How to Make Money and Save the Planet with Vertical Wind Turbines

So we all know that the world is coming to an end in 2012, well that is what Hollywood would have us believe but I am sorry to say that it is not!  Instead of living it up and not caring about the environment start giving a damn about the environment and look at ways […]

How To Save Energy In Your Home – Part 2 – Hot Water

Last month we went into detail about how to save energy in your home by reducing your heating costs. This month we are up to part two of our four part series on how to save energy in your home which will focus on Hot Water.  The reason why we are focusing so much on […]

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