Vertical Axis Wind Turbine’s to Power Street Lights

In a case of thinking outside of the box an entry by TAK studio in the this years Greener Gadgets competition has put a fresh spin on the traditional street lighting. Incorporating a vertical axis wind turbine the team has come up with the brilliant idea to power highway lighting with the wind generated by […]

Powerhouse Wind’s Unique Single Blade Wind Turbine

You may recall Residential Wind Power running an article on a unique wind turbine last year.  The Single Blade wind turbine has evolved even further and has taken the Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine to a new level.  The guys have launched a new web site and have provided Residential Wind Power with some fresh snaps […]

A New Spin on Residential Wind Turbines

It takes a creative person to think of an idea like this! I have just come across this unique design for a wind turbine on YouTube. I am not sure if it would be categorized as a Horizontal-axis wind turbine or a Vertical-axis wind turbine – perhaps you can tell me. Take a look for […]

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