Residential Wind Power – Will I Still Need My Electricity Company after Installing a Home Wind Turbine

When wind speeds are over 10 mph, a residential wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power a home. However, wind speeds are intermittent, so there will be times when the system is generating electricity and times when it’s not. For this reason, most residential wind systems are connected to the grid, and electricity from […]

How to Build a Residential Vertical Wind Turbine with DIY Plans

People nowadays are being aware of the economic problem that would result from the depletion of non-renewable sources of energy. This can be easily signified by the constant increase in oil prices and the eventual rise of the energy bills you pay for your household needs. Due to this, many people try to take advantage […]

How to Evaluate Your Home to Maximize Residential Wind Turbine Energy Production

The most important aspect to consider when deciding if a residential wind power system is right for a property is the wind speed and velocity that comes through the area. This information will determine the size, location, and height of your wind turbine, and the amount of potential energy your residential wind turbine. To determine […]

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